The Seabreacher S

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Now CE Approved by the European Commission , the The Seabreacher S is the perfect vessel if you would like to operate globally in commercial environments such as charter yachts or resort/hotel applications . Our unique submersible specially for attracting attention. It has already topped the list of the best toys for your super yacht (2017) by Boat International and was also recently featured in Dockwalk, CNN, and more. 

This eye-catching toy gives you a taste of life as a fish as you swim, dive and leap out of the water at a top speed of 60km/h. The bubble cockpit gives the user panoramic views of their underwater world whilst staying dry and enjoying the marine-grade stereo system.

Each super yacht that chooses to add the Seabreacher S to their collection can opt to make a killer whale, a dolphin or a shark and have the toy branded to match the mothership. The Seabreacher S is easy to operate by yacht crew and comes fully equipped with AIS tracking, VHF and a lifting cradle to smoothly launch and retrieve the toy.

Super yacht toys continue to evolve and the pressure is on to provide guests with new and exciting ways to make the most of their charter. In Brian’s words: “Being distinct and out-of-the ordinary will inevitably help your yacht stand out and win higher charter rates. Unique yacht toys can ensure that guests leave with lasting memories of unforgettable experiences.” Flying through crystal clear waters, exploring remote bays and perfecting your barrel rolls would be a great addition to any vacation.

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